In 2005, our technologists developed and certified a series of detergent brand «SMZ». The main users of the product have become the food industry, factories, car washes.

Today LTD "SOUVENIR" is focused on broad consumer market.

SMZ is a high quality cleaning products made exclusively from European raw materials.

We are pleased to offer you products «SMZ» brand.

Distinctive feature of these products is a high detergent power, in both hot and cold water.

• Liquid soap with different fruit, floral aromas, including soap series "Well-tended hands", which not only has high detergent qualities, but also antiseptic, antibacterial, healing properties.

Universal detergent for heavily soiled hard surfaces (removes dirt, greasy, oily stains, scum off the floor tiles, kitchen tiles, sanitary ware, plastic, acrylic, PVC coating without damaging the surface).

Dishwashing detergent with the smell of lemon, apple, sea breeze.

We are sure, that our products will not only help keep clean your house, but also save your family budget.

Universal detergent Dishwashing detergent Liquid soap