Liquid soap

Liquid soap "SMZ" with glycerine


Homogeneous viscous liquid of five species:

Liquid soap is intended to cleanse the skin of the hands and body.

Liquid soap is produced on the basis of a mixture of surfactants with the addition of various biologically-active, bactericidal and others. Components that enhance consumer properties (structure, foam stability, softening or improving the dermatological properties of the final product). In the soap "Manicured hands" includes bactericides allantoin, which promotes rapid healing of scratches, cuts and wounds on the skin.

c a small amount of liquid soap to put on damp hands or body rub with water to form a foam and rinse.


• Liquid soap TU U24.5-02970062-001: 2007

• "Liquid soap" in accordance with State Standard 4315: 2004

• Certificate of Conformity.

• Hygienic conclusion, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

It is issued:

•in plastic 350ml bottles with trigger or cork;

• in 5L cans with a lid;

• possible poured into the container of the customer.