Dish detergents

Dishwashing detergent "SMZ"


Product is designed to wash all kinds of dishes: porcelain, pottery, ceramics, enamel surfaces, crystal, glass and cutlery. You will easily cope with any fat, protein contaminants. Product facilitates the rapid dissolution of mud compounds. It washes well even in cold water. It is effective in water of any hardness. It contains no phosphate compounds.

The composition includes: water, a surfactant composition, a thickener, a complexing agent, the active additive, a colorant, a perfume.

Directions for use:

1) A few drops of put on a damp sponge and treat the surface, rinse with water.

2) 1-2 tablespoons means to dissolve in 5 liters of water with a brush or sponge treat the surface, rinse with clean water.


  • Car Washing Dishwashing liquid glass TU U24.5-02970062-003: 2007
  • "Universal Liquid detergent for hard surfaces"
  • Certificate of conformity.
  • Hygienic conclusion, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

It is issued:

  • in plastic 350ml bottles with trigger or cork;
  • in 5L cans with a lid;
  • possible poured into the container of the customer.