History of the “SOUVENIR” llc

Zaporizhzhya factory “SOUVENIR” began its operation in November 12th, 1954. The factory itself consisted of small enterprises of local industry that produced consumer goods, inc. craftsman goods ad SOUVENIRs.

Due to the constant construction and renovation, the introduction of new production technologies, the production capacity have increased and the assortment of products has expanded.

Starting from 90s of the past century the number of staff amounted to 450 people; the enterprise had three production facilities; the total land area of 5.9 hectares envisaged the following types of production:

polystyrene, plexiglass, wood SOUVENIRs;

leather goods and haberdashery;

In 1994 the factory was privatized.

By the decision of the 37th Shevchenkivskii Zaporizhzhya regional executive committee from 24.01.1994, the legal successor of the factory “SOUVENIR”, Limited liability company “SOUVENIR”was registered.

The production facility of “SOUVENIR” llc is situated in Zaporizhzhya, 249 Kirpichna St.

“SOUVENIR” llc leases a land plot of 2.4 hectares. The production and administrative buildings are situated on it.

Today the factory produces soluble glass, range of household chemical products, renders services in plating of glass, metal, plastic surfaces, leases out unused industrial areas.