Detergent universal

Product for cleaning hard surfaces "SMZ"

"Universal Liquid detergent for hard surfaces"


Product quickly and effectively cleans any hard surface: tiles, bath, sink, enameled and plastic surfaces, laminate, linoleum and tile floors. It is effective in water of any hardness. It does not contain phosphate compounds, chlorine. It does not contain abrasives, does not scratch or damage the surface of bathtubs, sinks, tiles. Cleaning substance penetrates quickly, remove dirt, eliminate traces of soap, calcium, lime deposits. Product eliminates the most difficult, inveterate dirt.

The structure of product includes: water, a surfactant composition, sodium citrate, citric acid, perfume and preservative.

Directions for use:

1) Apply the product by spraying onto the surface. Exposure time depends on the degree of contamination of the surface: lightly soiled surface for 1-2 minutes, 5-10 minutes stubborn dirt. Rinse with water.

2) For cleaning the floor: 3-4 tablespoons means to dissolve in 10 liters of water. Wash the floor using this solution.


Means for washing solid surfaces TU U24.5-02970062-003: 2007

  Certificate of conformity. Hygienic conclusion, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

It is issued:

•in plastic 500ml bottles with trigger or cork;

• in 5L cans with a lid;

• possible poured into the container of the customer.