«SOUVENIR» LLC enterprise produces soluble glass, sidic and potash  of extended range.

Soluble glass

Soluble glass is a solution of sodium and potassium alkali silicate. It is a representative of the extensive group of water-soluble silicates, manufactured in production quantities.

Soluble sidic glass is a dense yellow or grey liquid without particulate matters and impurities visible with unaided eye.


Soluble sidic glass SS  13078-81,  TR U 24.1-02970062-004:2011 as well as with customer's individual parameters.

Density      1,36 - 1.55 kg/m3
Silica module  from 1,6 to 3,5
SiO2 percentage 24,1-35%
Na2O percentage 8,0 - 13,3 %

There are three directions in soluble glass usage:

The first direction is connected with soluble glass properties to inadvertent solidification and artificial silicate stone development. High adhesive properties to various chemical nature bases are unique features of the soluble glass. In this case soluble glass acts as a chemical bunch for sticking various materials, fabricating coverings and producing complex multipurpose materials.

The second direction provides soluble glass usage as a source of soluble silica, that is basic input product for synthesis of various silica-containing substances - silica gel, carbon white, zeolites, catalytic agents, silica sols etc.

The third sphere deals with using alkali silicates as chemical components in different substances. This direction provides using soluble glass in synthetic detergents for fabric whitening and colouring at paper production.

Industrial application:

engineering (binding substance for casting  moulding sands and parting paints);
pulp, paper and board industry (paper pulp impregnation, sticking);
fire proofing agents production (solutions and concretes), acidproof materials, catalytic agents, zeolites, silica gels, carbon           white;
synthetic detergents production;
welding materials production (stick electrodes and ceramic fluxes);
silica paintwork materials production.

Soluble glass properties while using in construction:

water resistance amelioration;
antiputrescence amelioration;
heat-resistance and fire resistance amelioration;

Using for dampproofing:

Buildings and constructions footings impregnation, as well as reinforced concrete constructions, storage tanks and  pools impregnation ameliorates their dampproofing by several times and increases  the lifecycle. Soluble glass is a perfect eco-friendly preservative substance (it prevents mould,  dote and fungi growth).

Soluble glass as a heat resisting  patching material component

It is used at fireplaces, furnaces etc manufacture.

Soluble glass as an additive to mortar of cement
Adding up to 5% of soluble glass to the mortar of cement will increase the durability of the obtained material up to 1,5 times.
Soluble glass is added to cement grout during the hardening process. -Soluble glass impregnation of moulded products  from cement-based mortars increases both their tensile and compressing strength.
Extra high strength solution based on soluble glass consists of one part of glass and one part of cement - it is used for refractory masonry, natural stone sticking.
Soluble glass impregnation of the cement increases frictional resistance, prevents dusting.
As an additive to mortars of cement at dampproofing of walls and slabs of basements. At pool arrangement it i necessary to add 1 litre of soluble glass per 10 litres of mortar.
   «SOUVENIR» LLC production capacities allow to produce 12 000 tons of  soluble glass annually.  Consumers from all over Ukraine are our customers. We export our products near-abroad. Personal approach to each customer, discount and bonus system promotes annual long-term clients quantity increase.
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